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    Organizing activities and competitions can be fun but there are times you need some fresh input. In the activity drop-down menu below, you can find heaps of ideas. What about a Photo Shoot Competition of You and Your Favorite Book? Or You and Your Poem?
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  • TIP: Don’t overdue it!

    Too much text, images or books on display too close together will distract the eye. It all becomes a blur. Each object needs its own space. Think of a shop window that is more than full with appliances, you can’t distinguish one object from the other, while carefully placed objects will grab your attention.
  • TIP: Think inside the hat!

    Party hats, store-bought or made from pages of an old book or scrap paper are very useful for a display. You can staple the hat to the board as a container for whatever you want to showcase. Or hang them in front of the board filled with little notes, poems, toy animals or whatever takes your fancy
  • TIP: Create a 3D effect!

    Create a 3D effect by hanging objects in front of the display board, like fish in a Sea Life display or lanterns in a Spring Display. A bare branch with some faux flowers works a treat.
  • TIP: Staple at an angle

    Removing old display items will be much easier when you hold the stapler at an angle when you tack items to the board. The staples will stick out at one side - perfect to get hold of and pull them out when you change displays.
  • TIP: Use a glue gun

    Glue guns are fantastic tools for creating displays. You can attach all sorts of materials like hard plastic, metal, fabric and everything else you can think off. Be careful with your fingers (blow - blow) the glue is very hot and you easily get blisters.

Flight of Fancy – Fairy display

Fairies are in…… Supernatural is hot…… The spirits are with us….. at least in literature.

Werewolves, water horses or goblins – We love what we can’t see but what surrounds and guides us. Every publisher in the country must jump at the sound of a creaking door after all their reading about the superpowers that intervene with our destiny.

I’ve created a lovely sweet display for the younger girls in our library. Plenty of room to display the fairy books and a great opportunity to get the wings and glitter out.

After copying lots and lots of fungi in fantastic colours I printed some fairy poems and cut them in the shape of a flower. Little tiny fairies jump off the fungus ladder or fly through the air. A bright display that attracts lots of attention.


What you need:

  • Wrapping paper in soft shades of grey, green, blue or yellow – I used the background of the previous display with bits of left-over wrapping paper to patch damaged parts.
  • Images of fungi in three different colours – Google Images (large size) printed and enlarged in size. If you laminate the fungi the colours will be brighter, the shape will stay better and they will be more rigid.  That means you can staple them ‘in shape’ to the board
  • Little fairies or images of fairies
  • Fairy poems – printed on coloured paper – enlarged and cut in the shape of flowers
  • Fairy wings


  • Butterflies – laminated. I used the ones from the Floral art and Flying beauties display
  • Stars – I used the laminated stars from a previous Astronomy display
  • From the book: Fair-Realities I copied 3 pansy hats and pasted three of them together
  • Title – created in MSWord – printed and pasted on black card
  • Christmas lights – you really can’t do without them in a fairy display. It needs to twinkle and shine
  • Metal wire that bends easily but stays in form
  • Cardboard boxes if you want some extra display space

       What to do:

  • Staple the wrapping paper to the board. I used left-over paper from a previous display and combined it by cutting it diagonally.
  • Staple one colour fungus to the board. Start at the top and overlap each one a bit. Staple them overlaying one another, a bit bent, as you see them in nature.
    Attach a corkscrew piece to the bottom ones and tape the wire to the image. Tape the wire to the board. This way the fungi will stick out a bit which gives the whole fungus ladder a more realistic look.
    For an example of how to attach the wire to the image have a look at the Rugby World Cup display. I had all the players off the board and quite flexible by attaching wires to their backs.
  • Staple the second colour fungus to the board. Make it a bit of a different shape but keep the colours together. Use wire as above for the bottom images
  • Attach the third colour fungus to the board. Repeat the above process
  • Staple the poetry flowers to the board


  • Attach the Christmas lights to the board. Use little straps of paper in the same colour as the background to create loops that hold the electrical wires. Never staple the wire directly to the board
  • Attach the fairies to prominent spots on the board – Make them jump, fly, gaze or relax on the fungus or flowers.
  • Staple the title to the top part of the board
  • Attach the pansy hats to the top board and situate them under the title
  • Bend the wings a bit so that they stand out from the board and staple them to the board on both sides of the title
  • Get the stars out and staple them on different spots to the board.
  • Cover the cardboard boxes with paper – this could be smaller left-over pieces – and use some extra laminated images of fairies or butterflies or flowers to liven them up


  • Display the books on the shelves

  • Display books on the boxes

    Light the Christmas lights and let your display twinkle

Springtime Reading Under the Trees

 This is a display that follows the seasons. I started last year with the Green fingers – gardening display. When winter approached I changed it in a Winter reading display and replaced the green background of the trees with silver and grey / black paper while replacing the cherries and lemons with snowflakes.

In spring I changed the display to represent the current season. A couple of simple steps give this display a much more warm and sunny feeling.

I’m not bothered by reality…. that is to say, I glue daffodil flowers to the branches of one tree and orange/red flowers of unknown variety to the other. It’s material I have at hand and I don’t want to spend a lot of money or time on it, so I use what I have from previous displays.

I replaced the title:




I was so careless not to write down which font I used so I had to scroll down the fonts in Word and compare the letters of ‘Reading’ until I had it right. It looks like I used a smaller size …..

These orange flowers were used in the Green fingers – gardening display growing over the green-house. Here I’ve stripped them of their branches – separated flowers and leaves and glued the flowers and leaves individually to the polystyrene snowflakes. The glue gun makes this an easy and quick task. The daffodils have been used in numerous displays, attached to their stems and as a bunch but never before stripped and glued to the branches like in this display:



The next step was to change the snowman into a sunny bear with sunglasses and straw hat. I changed its outfit to a more sunny one, from a bit of fabric to cover the body and bright red boots which I can’t change because its legs are resting in it and bear would fall down if I took them away. My colleague brought a bikini of her daughter and I strapped it with a rubber band on the back to make it fit  The bright pink fabric previously used in the display: gUrlzZone attracts immediate attention

The snow tower in the middle needed a bit of green around the edges to represent the season. I took off the snowflakes that had been glued to the shelves and stapled a string of ivy to the outer boundary



The ‘cold’ colours of the background of the tree had to be changed to make it really spring



I decided on two different colours of green  – a cool green for the right tree and a radiant grass green for the left tree. Using torn, crumbled paper pushed between the branches created an instant make-over




The shelves with shredded paper and polystyrene pellets representing snow were changed into green leafy surfaces. The pheasant is still around and also the squirrel in the tree is happily watching the students



The basket under the left tree containing wool and knitting needles now has fruit and veges with some additional roses. From my previous Floral art and flying beauties display I used the tulips and stapled a couple of them to the wall



The total display is transformed with some easy changes without any additional costs

And because a girl wants to have a bit of fun:

Nobody will see it or read it

but every time I see the title of the book

it makes me  smile

Spring Into A Book – Origami Spring Display

Spring is in the air  

The days are longer, the light is brighter and trees around the country are bursting with life, showing white, pink and ruby blossoms.

Helen Muxlow, Library Manager of Te Awa o Tupu, Karori West Normal School, created this fantastic Tree full of Origami blossoms using pages of culled books. She kindly gave me permission to put it on this website. Thanks a million Helen, I love the display and it fully resonates with my philosophy that you don’t need a large budget to create the most beautiful displays……

An outstanding job using discarded materials, a lot of labour and beautifully executed.

Here is Helen’s description of how she did it:

‘I used library books which had been retired from circulation (no usable books were injured in the creation of these flowers).

The pages were trimmed into various sized square sheets and folded into the petal shapes.

I found using a hot glue gun was the most successful means of connecting the petals.

Attaching a partially undone paper clip with a hot glue gun gave me a firm means of positioning and attaching them to the wall with a wall stapler.

Origami Flowers – how to make them: 

The flowers are called Origami Kusudama Flowers

Here is a Youtube video which shows you how to make them

And here is a series of images showing you how to make them:-

What a fantastic way to display your collection!

Illuminating New Zealand’s Art and history

This is an adjusted version of the display: "Illuminating New Zealand's past. I've changed the last word in the title, went to an op-shop and bought several cheap frames in different sizes and printed a whole lot of art work from New Zealand painters like this one from Robin White.

Most of the frames looked old and tatty but once the glass was cleaned and the artwork printed to size and put in the frame, it looked amazing.

Without taking away too much of the typical NZ historical facts of the previous display, I arranged the frames on the display board and above it on the wall

For instructions how to make the display have a look at: Illuminating New Zealand's past

 Don't forget to print some extra images for decorating the display boxes that stand in front of the display and provide extra display opportunities:



What you need for this adjusted display:


  • printed images from art books on New Zealand painters, or Google – images (creative commons) or as I did, using old calendar images featuring New Zealand painters











  • frames (op-shop or otherwise)







What to do:

  • Match the printed artworks with the frames (look at colours, type or work and modern or classic themes)  – cut to size
  • Clean the recycled frames and polish the glass (boring but necessary)
  • If the frames are not that sturdy, tape them up from the inside with a good quality tape
  • Glue the prints to the backboard of the frame and attach the glass
  • You can even  tape the outside of the frame to the backboard and staple the tape to the (wooden) frame to make sure it holds
  • Be happy as Larry when it fits and looks good
  • Staple or nail the frames to the display wall
  • Remove the last word of the title in Illuminating New Zealand's Past and replace with the word Art

I forgot what type of font I used so I had to improvise, using a similar font and gave it the same colour (there goes my theory of preparing well and knowing your details)









Transform shabby, dusty frames into beautiful artworks


It's a pity the glass is so shiny, it prevents me from making really good sharp photos but hopefully you get the idea…… and I can assure you, the images are clear and very beautiful in reality

Attach the frames to the display board and glue the extra images to the display boxes. Don't be afraid of being creative and glue the images around corners or glue two or three different size images together or over each other. Become the artist who shows art…..



Arrange the boxes with books in front of the display, give all the art full attention and make them stand out! New Zealand painters are so unique that it's fantastic to create a collage of them on a wall



Hang the frames to your liking and have fun arranging them around the display. Put your art books on the box display units and in front of them to give them more exposure and make it a happy and proud place

And when the display has done it's job you have some beautiful art work to take home (my colleague and I are still fighting over who's taking what… the battle isn't over yet

I’d Rather Be Travelling The World


Reading around the world

Each year the students are advised to read a collection of 6 novels each set in another country. They travel to foreign destinations on a Reading around the World trip.

On a large table, the library provides a constant supply of fiction books set in faraway countries be it Arabia or Zimbabwe.

‘The girl with the pearl earring’ (Dutch) –

‘Capture the castle’ (Scottish) –

‘If I stay” (American) –and lots of other great readings are amongst them.

We travel with them, so to speak, providing the ticket.

The topic of travel can give you lots of options be it planes, cars, trains, bikes or walking boots. Whatever you choose, hot air balloon or submarine, as long as it shows you’re going somewhere you’re fine. But you don’t need to take it so literally as you can see in my display about imaginary travels: Travel the world from your lazy chair.



I chose the red yellow umbrella with a girl hanging from it, a younger version of Mary Poppins so to say as to represent travels to unknown destinations, to be taken away by stories, to dream, to get lost in space and travel in unexpected ways ……..

Because of the glass wall that I used as a background, I was faced with the problem of how it would look on the other side. Either I had to double all the images or do nothing so you would see the Blu Tack or tape and the blank back on the reverse side of the glass. Never a pleasant sight!!!! I chose to double all the images and the title to make it interesting from whatever direction you look at it.

It wasn’t easy to make the two images of the umbrella and the girl fit when pasted back-to-back. Because the girl’s shape is not symmetrical and one of the umbrella handles would stick out the other side ….. It didn’t bother me too much though. To make it easy on myself, when cutting the umbrella and girl to shape, I gave them a little border to provide enough space on the backside to look good as well. The white border actually accentuates the red and yellow of the umbrella quite nicely and the dark shade around the girl gives her a bit more body.

I had a bit of fun too with situating the girl within some of the letters or jumping off one. And I pasted some umbrellas on the back of an umbrella. Just some funny details.

Another problem I was faced with was the 3 wooden beams that divide the glass panes in the wall. I couldn’t attach the title in one go, I had to cut it up and paste it in an unusual sequence. The length of the words made it look quite strange when viewed in different sections. After experimenting for a while, pasting it in different sequences, I realized when reading it from top to bottom per windowpane it would become a poem. And suddenly it all fell into place!

What you need:

  • Image of an umbrella (Google – creative commons)
  • Image of girl with her arms high in the air (Google – creative commons)
  • Title – black letters on white background (2 x printed if you need it double-sided))
  • Globe
  • box to put the globe on

What to do:

  • Paste the images of the umbrella and the girl together if you want to create double images – laminate
  • Cut around the umbrella but leave a little white border
  • Cut around the girl but leave a little dark border to provide enough space for the image on the back to be fully seen
  • Laminate one of the 2 titles – when laminated, cut around it with swaying movements to provide a curly border.
  • Cut the shape of the second title a bit smaller than the first one (if you need it doubled) to make it fit on the back of the title on the other side of the glass wall
  • Paste the title to the glass or wall requiring reading from top to bottom in 3 sequences
  • Arrange the umbrellas with the flying girl around the title

Arrange the books on the table or display stand and put a box with a globe in between to emphasize the trip around the world theme

Have a nice journey…….

Travel the World from your Lazy Chair



We all have our dreams; where to go when we win the lotto or what we’ll do when we have time and money enough to travel the world; Africa – South America or maybe the pyramids in Egypt. Those thoughts were the basis for this display. 

Not everyone can travel at a whim but everybody can always travel in one’s mind. Visiting unknown destinations, fantasizing about historical facts or reading books and scanning the internet to learn about other cultures.


What kind of images would people have in mind when thinking of being somewhere else, doing something totally different?


I wanted to have a peek in the mind of different kinds of people (see: personality-types in the sidebar”>personality types)) showing that most of us dream of things others would not even think of. I opened up (literally) the minds of some of the figures on the display like the insight you get in others peoples life when reading a book.  
Timeframes were not relevant and I crossed cultures, time and gender.

Tutankhamon dreams of the Phoenicians. The ninja can stop jumping or fighting and use his mind power to dream of the unknown. The snake-head man represents the ultimate fantasy; who would dream to have snakes sliding in your nostrils and coming out of your throat? But this African man makes it happen. This image in particular will attract lots of attention from the students. I made it even more realistic by using extra copies of snakes and Rasta plaits to paste them on top of the photo for a 3D effect (see: display tips).

Te Aho-te-Rangi Wharepu dreams of being a ballerina (the image is hidden under his hat) and  the geisha opens up her umbrella to give you an insight in her inner world. The Indian just booked a ticket to Venice and dreams of wearing a Venetian Mask instead of the same old feathers, while the orange punk boy dreams of Africa and lions but might see things a bit black and white.

While working on the posters my imagination grew wilder and wilder and I I had a ball imagining what I could  add to make it even more hilarious.   



It was lots of fun to find punchy lines about heads and books illustrating that you can travel the world from your lazy chair with the right book and some time to spare.


What you need: 

  • a huge imagination
  • courage to try something unfamiliar
  • a bit of extra time and space to prepare the posters
  • copies of (enlarged) images from library books or internet
  • different colours card and paper
  • large size coloured card
  • pink and blue wrapping paper
  • tools: blu-tack/ tape/ stapler/ scissors/ guillotine/ ruler/ glue stick  

What to do:  
Take an image you choose and look how you can make it 3D. Place it on the poster. Find slogans referring to reading and books and cut and paste them to the poster. Don’t be shy, make it funny or unusual or even scary. Use book stories or magazines articles to make your poster more adventurous. Copy ideas from this website display and use them to your own advantage, it will make me proud.  
This display contains all the  elements I describe in: Tips for creating displays. I used unusual colour schemes, created 3D effects, used the offcuts to connect images and text and stepped  out of the box of traditional thinking while letting my imagination grow wild.
 Seeing my ideas coming together in this bright 3D display was a fantastic journey.



Xfactor – Biography books

There are lots of famous people, each one with different personalities and characteristics. What makes those people so special?

Do they all have the Xfactor?

I wanted to create a display connecting our biography books to the International Baccalaureate characteristics such as:            ‘Thinkers’          


‘Communicators’                                ‘Resilient’


and raise the question: ‘Do all those famous people have these characteristics or is it something else that gives them  –  the  Xfactor?


It had to be a vibrant and colourful display, posh and upmarket –  showing paparazzi features common in gossip magazines

What you need:

  • Fabric – 3 different patterns/colours for background
  • Fabric – pink voile, army patterned, feathery patterned
  • 3 Foam heads – 2 women, 1 man
  • 2 Hats, sunglasses, feather etc.
  • ‘Black board’ cart
  • Title – the X factor
  • IB characteristics – printed and laminated



What to do:

  • Cover the background with the green – black – yellow fabric. I used left-over for the top part – too small to cover it completely and had to create a frilly kind of extra in the middle. It gave it unintentionally extra dimension

  • Staple the title to the board
  • Staple the black board cards to the board
  • Attach the IB characteristics to the black cards with pins or staples – you could write them on the black board card as well!
  • Place the foam heads on the shelf – use Blu-Tack or double sided tape to secure them
  • Drape the feathery fabric around the first head, stick a feather in the fabric
  • Place the sunglasses on the nose of the middle one and put her hat on, secure it with tape – drape the pink voile around her neck and let it hang down in a pointy way. Cut it if necessary and tape it to give it the shape you want
  • Drape the army fabric around the neck of the man and secure it with staples or tape. Put his hat on
  • Cover the boxes in left-over fabric and use the glue gun or staples to secure it
  • Put the display stands on the boxes and secure them with tape
  • Put  the books on the stands and on the shelves


Stand back and have a look at your own creation – does it need adjustment?

Are the heads posh and glamorous? Do you need to drape the fabric in shape?

Be critical – think how will others see it. A good tool to help you is a mirror. Get a decent size mirror and look at your display from that angle. It shows you the uneven parts, the slightly out-of-line title or the books that need a different place. Sometimes the covers or size of the books don’t go well together when placed beside each other. Take note of that – you want to show them in the most attractive way!

Dance of the tigers – Drama and theatre

                   Striped yellow / pink fabric

Red curtains pulled to the side

tiger masks

Welcome to the theatre

       where dreams   

    are possible…..   

” Tiger, tiger, burning bright

In the forest of the night

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry? “

William Blake

This display is a slightly different version from the ‘Dance, Divas and Drama Queens display I’ve made a couple of months ago. Just add some new materials and within 1/2 an hour you give the display a refreshed look

What you need:

  • Red velvet fabric for curtains
  • Pink shiny fabric for the edge of curtains
  • Striped fabric for the background – matching the colours of the curtains (I bought it at an emporium for a couple of dollars)
  • Wrapping paper – reddish-purple for background and curtains
  • Black card for the second half of the title at the middle of the stage
  • Tiger masks (emporium)
  • A4 sheets with wood pattern for floorboards – Google images / Creative Commons
  • Title – I used the title from the previous display

What to do:

  • Make the title. Use letters from previous displays or use Word and print new ones. I had to do a bit of ‘crafting’ to create all the letters I needed. A couple of letters were not available but with a bit of imagination, double-sided tape and a pair of scissors I got it sorted…
  • Staple the purple/pink wrapping paper to the board. Top and left and right part only
  • Cut the red velvet fabric into 10 cm wide strips – 4 on each side
  • Cut the pink shiny fabric into 10 cm wide strips – 1 for bordering each curtain
  • Fill the spaces between the velvet strips with crunched wrapping paper – staple to the board
  • Fill the middle part of the ‘theatre’ with the striped fabric. I stapled it right over the background of the previous display (see photo below)
  • If you use letters from previous display titles as I did, get all the titles (or letters) out of the boxes and sort them. I had to craft the A and the plus sign because they were not available. With a little imagination and the help of double-sided tape and scissors I quickly fixed that problem….
  • Add the title to the bottom part
  • Staple the floorboards to the bottom of the stage
  • Cut the curtains to just under the top part of the floorboards
  • Staple the striped fabric to the board between the pink curtains
  • Staple the masks to the board – I used a series of the same masks but contemplated a variety as well (am still a bit dubious about my choice)
  • Staple the fabric in a knot under the tiger’s chin to give it motion
  • Put the bookshelves in place and arrange the books on them

This is a great display to show books on art – dance – music – celebrities – theatre – filmstars etc.

Get your creative juices flowing and go ‘on-stage’

Arbor Of Flowers – Spring Reading

Springtime…new beginnings,new chapters,alternative endings

Rosie-Anne Pinney, one of the Librarians from Nelson College for Girls gave me permission to put their fantastic Arbor Of Spring Flowers Display on this page. She kindly emailed me photos and a description of how they made this sparkling spring display:

  • Our ‘arbor’ of spring flowers consists of paper flowers and paper leaves tied and taped to fishing line and then hung from hooks on the ceiling beams.
  • We followed a pattern for making ‘3D paper snowflakes’ which you can easily find on the internet.

    Click here for a YouTube tutorial

  • Each ‘flower’ or ‘snowflake’ needs six pieces of square paper (we used coloured and some white recycled) which you fold, cut and then staple in a particular configuration – very easy.  Of course you can use pages from culled books as in the photos below.

    Our student librarians made a lot of these which was a great help as they are quite time-consuming to make.

    And this is how the display looks like; very colourful and cheery.

    The leaves between the ‘snowflakes’ were photocopied on to green paper and then circulated to the staff and students who were asked to choose a quote they like from a book they are reading and then write it on the leaf with the title of the book and the author’s name.   Then they had to cut it out and return it to the library.  We attached these to the line between the flowers.

    Lastly, we put out a display of books with a poster printed with the words:

Springtime… new beginnings, new chapters, alternative endings..

Thank you Rosie-Anne for allowing me to showcase your fantastic display. It’s such a good example of creating a fun and informative display.

The white 3D snowflakes gave me plenty of ideas for Christmas.

Whet your appetite! Cookbook Display

You can’t turn on the TV these days without a master chef telling us how to prepare a healthy and tasteful meal. Potatoes and veggies with a meatball on the side are out. Enjoying gravy is similar to signing your death sentence and a simple tomato soup contains at least 20 ingredients without the tomatoes. Instead of chef’s hats you could use cauliflower or beetroots, strawberries or bunches of asparagus. Don’t let your imagination limit you. Go veggie crazy!

I love cooking and I love watching those programs. I frantically write down the recipes but never make the dishes because I often miss the details. Was it 50 or 150 grams? Did she say teaspoons or tablespoons? “Never mind’ I usually mutter to my partner while I throw away my unreadable notes….. ‘let’s have a glass of wine and see what I can come up with.’

And then the day arrives that you have guests for dinner and a lack of inspiration. Or Christmas and you’ll be hosting lots of family members. Cooking for the parents is not that difficult but what to do for the children?

WOW….., A Veggie Farm  Boil two dozen eggs, get carrots, capsicum and tomatoes and let a class of children take care of the animals.

If that’s all too complicated then this is the time to give al those marvellous cookbooks a dusting and put them on display. They are the reference books for the ‘hopeful-but-not-yet’ master chefs. Those books whet your appetite while flicking through the pages, dreaming of tables set with fancy porcelain and softly glowing candles. The guest will be surprised by your cooking skills especially when you finish that lovely dinner with a superb Creme Brule straight from Youtube.

Turkish pide, Spanish anti-pasta, Olive oil recipes, these colourful books will look even better with a background like this. The strong red and black colour scheme and the repetition of the aprons outline the cookbooks even more and the white chef hats give just that extra bit of light and freshness.

What you need:

  • Black and red wrapping paper
  • 3 Aprons
  • 10 Images of chef’s hats (Google – images) enlarged and laminated
  • Black card for background title and behind the chef hats on top of title board
  • Red letters for the title, printed on A3 and laminated
  • Images of fruit and vegetables. I copied them from one of our books but Google – images will work as well – printed, laminated and cut into shape (To make it easier for myself I roughly follow the contour of the image and the little white border gives it an even more outlined appearance)
  • Carton boxes to create some extra (cheap) display space
  • Christmas lights

What to do:

Display panels: 

  • Cover the left and right top part of the panel with the black wrapping paper. I placed it horizontally because the paper was not wide enough to cover it vertically
  • Cover the top part of the middle panel with the red wrapping paper, horizontally for the same reason
  • Cover the bottom parts of the panels with the contrasting paper
  • Arrange the aprons sideways to the panels. Pin them first and if they look good, staple the corners
  • Drape the Christmas lights along the top line of the aprons. I use laminated offcuts to secure the wire to the board.  Make sure you connect the plug and wires in a safe way
  • Staple the strings of the aprons to the underside of the bookshelves and over the Christmas lights. I stapled them to the front of the shelf to create depth
  • Staple the three remaining chef hats to the middle of the aprons and add an extra piece of fruit or vegetables to the hat

Title board:    

  • Staple 15 cm wide black card to the top part of the title board
  • Cover the rest of the board with red wrapping paper but make sure that at least 13 cm black card remains visible
  • Staple black card to the middle of the board (over the red wrapping paper) to create a dark border for the white/red title. Use only a few staples at the top because the chef hats need to be tucked in between the black card and wrapping paper
  • Staple the title to the middle of the black card. Make sure the visible  top and bottom part of the black card are the same width or make the top slightly smaller
  • Arrange the chef hats in pairs of threes and twos above the title and tuck the bottom of the hats behind the black card
  • Arrange some of the laminated fruit and vegges on the red paper under the title and staple them to the board

Highlight the fruits of nature by enlarging and laminating them. A giant mushroom, cauliflower or carrot will steal the show.


  • Cover the boxes with the remaining black and red wrapping paper. Be creative and make borders and top/bottom combinations
  • Paste the laminated images of the fruit and vegetables to the boxes. Remember that some of the boxes are standing and others lying on their sides.
  • Secure the book stands with a small piece of tape to the top of  the boxes, just to make sure the books are not pushed off by passing library users
  • Arrange the boxes with books in front of the display board                            
  • Step back and have a look at your creation, rearrange if necessary and make adjustments ’til you’re happy with your work
    Add the books to the shelves and show off your collection