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    Organizing activities and competitions can be fun but there are times you need some fresh input. In the activity drop-down menu below, you can find heaps of ideas. What about a Paper Plane Competition?
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  • TIP: Think inside the hat!

    Party hats, store-bought or made from pages of an old book or scrap paper are very useful for a display. You can staple the hat to the board as a container for whatever you want to showcase. Or hang them in front of the board filled with little notes, poems, toy animals or whatever takes your fancy
  • TIP: Staple at an angle

    Removing old display items will be much easier when you hold the stapler at an angle when you tack items to the board. The staples will stick out at one side - perfect to get hold of and pull them out when you change displays.
  • TIP: Use a glue gun

    Glue guns are the most fantastic tools for creating displays. You can attach all sorts of materials like hard plastic, metal, fabric and everything else you can think off. Be careful with your fingers (blow - blow) the glue is very hot and you easily get blisters
  • TIP: Create a 3D effect!

    Create a 3D effect by hanging objects in front of the display board, like fish in a Sea Life display or lanterns in a Spring or Garden display.
  • TIP: Don’t overdue it!

    Too much text, images or books on display too close together distract the eye. It all becomes a blur. Each object needs its own space. Think of a shop window that is more than full with appliances, you can’t distinguish one object from the other, while carefully placed objects attract the attention.

Celluloid dreams – Films and Movies

To promote our collection of books about movies and films, special effects, animations and the old classics, we decided to give the collection extra attention. It’s a great way to show off the work of NZ filmmakers.

I wanted a title that represents the film industry and Googled for images of old films to feature as a background for the title. And as you can see I found a great images.

What you need:

·         A couple of movie posters (cinema’s)

·         Dark blue wrapping paper for the background

·         Letters for the title – CELLULOID DREAMS – size 450

·         Letters for sub-title –BOOKS MADE INTO MOVIES – size 450 printed in blue


      Letters for a subtitle – FILMMAKERS – size 450 and printed in a yellowy color

·         Image of cameraman looking through the lens (Google images) enlarged and cut out of black paper. Paste 2 A3 white copy papers  together and paste the black cart cameraman onto it


       Images of Avatar printed on A3 size paper and laminated

·         Image of a celluloid film, printed and enlarged a couple of times till full A3 size paper – use it as background for title

·         Image of NZ film – printed on A3

·         Black cart for background Avatar subtitle   

 What to do:

·         Print the letters for titles and subtitle and cut them out. Don’t be too fussy around the edges, a bit of white around it looks good

·         Put the title letters on the celluloid image and paste them to the background. Laminate the A3 sheets. Do the same for the sub-title

·          se the A3 images of Avatar photos as background for the NZ Filmmakers. Play a bit around – I’ve placed an A and O around the eyes of Avatar and it looks quite impressive like she is peeping through a letter forest

·         Staple the title – CELLULOID DREAMS to  the board

·         Pin a few posters to the display area and decide the best place. Don’t be afraid of cutting the poster into sections and separatetitle and photos. Sometimes it’s nicer to have just a part of the poster instead of the overwhelming lot with dates and advertisement on the bottom

·         Staple the black card to the board and arrange the NZ FILMS title to it. Use the trick with the pin, nylon wire as long as the board with a piece of blue tec at the bottom, to staple exactly vertical

·         Staple another lot of black cart to the board as background for the Avatar sub-title

·         Staple the Avatar sub-title BOOKS MADE INTO MOVIES to the black cart  

·         Staple the cameraman image to the board  

·         When satisfied with the place of the (parts ) of the poster (you still can re-arrange them) staple them to the board


     Because of the number of posters and black cart you don’t need much wrapping paper for the background. I organized the wrapping paper around the posters to save paper. To save time you can do it the other way around and fill the board with the wrapping paper and put the posters on them but you will use much more wrapping paper that way

·         Step back and look from a distance at the display. Walk away, drink a cup of tea and look again with fresh eyes. Squeeze your eyes and look at it as others would do. What do they see?


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