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  • TIP: Don’t overdue it!

    Too much text, images or books on display too close together will distract the eye. It all becomes a blur. Each object needs its own space. Think of a shop window that is more than full with appliances, you can’t distinguish one object from the other, while carefully placed objects will grab your attention.
  • TIP: Think inside the hat!

    Party hats, store-bought or made from pages of an old book or scrap paper are very useful for a display. You can staple the hat to the board as a container for whatever you want to showcase. Or hang them in front of the board filled with little notes, poems, toy animals or whatever takes your fancy
  • TIP: Create a 3D effect!

    Create a 3D effect by hanging objects in front of the display board, like fish in a Sea Life display or lanterns in a Spring Display. A bare branch with some faux flowers works a treat.
  • TIP: Staple at an angle

    Removing old display items will be much easier when you hold the stapler at an angle when you tack items to the board. The staples will stick out at one side - perfect to get hold of and pull them out when you change displays.
  • TIP: Use a glue gun

    Glue guns are fantastic tools for creating displays. You can attach all sorts of materials like hard plastic, metal, fabric and everything else you can think off. Be careful with your fingers (blow - blow) the glue is very hot and you easily get blisters.

Arbor Of Flowers – Spring Reading

Springtime…new beginnings,new chapters,alternative endings

Rosie-Anne Pinney, one of the Librarians from Nelson College for Girls gave me permission to put their fantastic Arbor Of Spring Flowers Display on this page. She kindly emailed me photos and a description of how they made this sparkling spring display:

  • Our ‘arbor’ of spring flowers consists of paper flowers and paper leaves tied and taped to fishing line and then hung from hooks on the ceiling beams.
  • We followed a pattern for making ‘3D paper snowflakes’ which you can easily find on the internet.

    Click here for a YouTube tutorial

  • Each ‘flower’ or ‘snowflake’ needs six pieces of square paper (we used coloured and some white recycled) which you fold, cut and then staple in a particular configuration – very easy.  Of course you can use pages from culled books as in the photos below.

    Our student librarians made a lot of these which was a great help as they are quite time-consuming to make.

    And this is how the display looks like; very colourful and cheery.

    The leaves between the ‘snowflakes’ were photocopied on to green paper and then circulated to the staff and students who were asked to choose a quote they like from a book they are reading and then write it on the leaf with the title of the book and the author’s name.   Then they had to cut it out and return it to the library.  We attached these to the line between the flowers.

    Lastly, we put out a display of books with a poster printed with the words:

Springtime… new beginnings, new chapters, alternative endings..

Thank you Rosie-Anne for allowing me to showcase your fantastic display. It’s such a good example of creating a fun and informative display.

The white 3D snowflakes gave me plenty of ideas for Christmas.

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