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  • TIP: Keep an action list

    Make a rough sketch of how the display will look like. Write down what materials and tools you will need. Create a time-line / checklist: This week copying and laminating - Next week: buy or beg materials - Two weeks: covering display boxes with matching paper - Three weeks: collect books matching the display....
  • TIP: Staple at an angle

    Your job will be much easier when you hold the stapler at an angle. The staples will stick out a bit at one side - perfect to get hold of them with pliers and pull them out when you change displays.
  • TIP: Use a glue gun

    Glue guns are the most fantastic tools when creating displays. You can attach all sorts of materials like hard plastic, metal, fabric and everything else you can think off. Be careful with your fingers (blow - blow) the glue is very hot and you easily get blisters
  • TIP: Create a 3D effect!

    Create a 3D effect by hanging objects in front of the display board, like fish in a Sea Life display or lanterns in a Summer Reading display.
  • TIP: Don’t overdue it!

    Too much text, images or books on display too close together distract the eye. Each object needs its own space. Think of a shop window that is more than full with appliances, you can’t distinguish one object from the other, while carefully placed objects attract the attention.

I’d rather be travelling the world…

Reading around the world


Each year middle school students read a collection of 6 novels that are set in other countries. They travel to foreign destinations on a Reading around the World trip.

On a large table the library provides a constant supply of interesting books with stories played from Arabia to Zimbabwe. ‘The girl with the pearl ear ring’ (Dutch) – ‘Capture the castle’ (Scottish) – ‘If I stay” (American) – and lots of other great readings. We travel with them, so to speak, and provide the ticket.



The topic of travel can give you lots of ideas; planes, cars, trains, bikes or walking boots. Whatever you choose, hot air balloon or submarine, as long as it shows you’re going somewhere that suits the subject. But you don’t need to take it so literally as you can see in my display about imaginary travels: Travel the world from your lazy chair.



I chose the red yellow umbrella with a girl swaying from it, a younger version of Mary Poppins, to represent  travels to unknown destinations, to be taken away by stories, to dream, to ‘get lost in space’ and to travel in unexpected ways ……..



Because of the glass wall that I used as background, I was faced with the problem of how it would look on the other side. Either I had to double  all the images or do nothing so you would see the Blu Tack or tape and the blank back on the reverse side of the glass. Never a pleasant sight!!!! I chose to double all the images and the title to make it interesting from whatever direction you look at it.

It wasn’t easy to make the two images of the umbrella and the girl fit when pasted back-to-back. Because the girl’s shape is not symmetrical and one of the the umbrella handles would stick out the other side ….. It didn’t bother me too much though.To make it easy on myself, when cutting the umbrella and girl to shape, I gave them a little border to provide enough space on the backside to look good as well. The white border actually accentuates the red and yellow of the umbrella quite nicely and the dark shade around the girl gives her a bit more body.

I had a bit of fun too with situating the girl within some of the letters or jumping off one. And I pasted some umbrellas on the back of an umbrella. Just some funny details.



Another problem I was faced with were the 3 wooden beams that divide the glass panes in the wall. I couldn’t attach the title in one go, I had to cut it up and paste it in an unusual sequence. The length of the words made it look quite strange when viewed in different sections. After experimenting for a while, pasting it in different sequences, I realized when reading it from top to bottom per windowpane it would became a poem. And suddenly it all fell into place!




What you need:

  • Image of umbrella (Google – creative commons)
  • Image of girl with her arms high in the air (Google – creative commons)
  • Title – black letters on white background (2 x printed if you need it double sided))
  • Globe
  • box to put globe on

What to do:

  • Paste the images of the umbrella and the girl together if you want to create double images – laminate
  • Cut around the umbrella but leave a little white border
  • Cut around the girl but leave a little dark border to provide enough space for the image on the back to be fully seen
  • Laminate one of the 2 titles – when laminated, cut around it with swaying movements to provide a curly border.
  • Cut the shape of the second title a bit smaller than than the first one (if you need it doubled) to make it fit on the back of the title on the other side of the glass wall
  • Paste the title to the glass or wall requiring reading from top to bottom in 3 sequences
  • Arrange the umbrellas with the flying girl around the title

Arrange the books on the table or display stand and put a box with a globe in between to emphasize the trip around the world theme

Have a nice journey…….

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