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  • TIP: Don’t overdue it!

    Too much text, images or books on display too close together will distract the eye. It all becomes a blur. Each object needs its own space. Think of a shop window that is more than full with appliances, you can’t distinguish one object from the other, while carefully placed objects will grab your attention.
  • TIP: Think inside the hat!

    Party hats, store-bought or made from pages of an old book or scrap paper are very useful for a display. You can staple the hat to the board as a container for whatever you want to showcase. Or hang them in front of the board filled with little notes, poems, toy animals or whatever takes your fancy
  • TIP: Create a 3D effect!

    Create a 3D effect by hanging objects in front of the display board, like fish in a Sea Life display or lanterns in a Spring Display. A bare branch with some faux flowers works a treat.
  • TIP: Staple at an angle

    Removing old display items will be much easier when you hold the stapler at an angle when you tack items to the board. The staples will stick out at one side - perfect to get hold of and pull them out when you change displays.
  • TIP: Use a glue gun

    Glue guns are fantastic tools for creating displays. You can attach all sorts of materials like hard plastic, metal, fabric and everything else you can think off. Be careful with your fingers (blow - blow) the glue is very hot and you easily get blisters.

Spring Into A Book – Origami Spring Display

Spring is in the air  

The days are longer, the light is brighter and trees around the country are bursting with life, showing white, pink and ruby blossoms.

Helen Muxlow, Library Manager of Te Awa o Tupu, Karori West Normal School, created this fantastic Tree full of Origami blossoms using pages of culled books. She kindly gave me permission to put it on this website. Thanks a million Helen, I love the display and it fully resonates with my philosophy that you don’t need a large budget to create the most beautiful displays……

An outstanding job using discarded materials, a lot of labour and beautifully executed.

Here is Helen’s description of how she did it:

‘I used library books which had been retired from circulation (no usable books were injured in the creation of these flowers).

The pages were trimmed into various sized square sheets and folded into the petal shapes.

I found using a hot glue gun was the most successful means of connecting the petals.

Attaching a partially undone paper clip with a hot glue gun gave me a firm means of positioning and attaching them to the wall with a wall stapler.

Origami Flowers – how to make them: 

The flowers are called Origami Kusudama Flowers

Here is a Youtube video which shows you how to make them

And here is a series of images showing you how to make them:-

What a fantastic way to display your collection!

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