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    Organizing activities and competitions can be fun but there are times you need some fresh input. In the activity drop-down menu below, you can find heaps of ideas. What about a Photo Shoot Competition of You and Your Favorite Book? Or You and Your Poem?
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  • TIP: Don’t overdue it!

    Too much text, images or books on display too close together will distract the eye. It all becomes a blur. Each object needs its own space. Think of a shop window that is more than full with appliances, you can’t distinguish one object from the other, while carefully placed objects will grab your attention.
  • TIP: Think inside the hat!

    Party hats, store-bought or made from pages of an old book or scrap paper are very useful for a display. You can staple the hat to the board as a container for whatever you want to showcase. Or hang them in front of the board filled with little notes, poems, toy animals or whatever takes your fancy
  • TIP: Create a 3D effect!

    Create a 3D effect by hanging objects in front of the display board, like fish in a Sea Life display or lanterns in a Spring Display. A bare branch with some faux flowers works a treat.
  • TIP: Staple at an angle

    Removing old display items will be much easier when you hold the stapler at an angle when you tack items to the board. The staples will stick out at one side - perfect to get hold of and pull them out when you change displays.
  • TIP: Use a glue gun

    Glue guns are fantastic tools for creating displays. You can attach all sorts of materials like hard plastic, metal, fabric and everything else you can think off. Be careful with your fingers (blow - blow) the glue is very hot and you easily get blisters.

All display titles

  • 6 Word B00K REVIEW - The p0wer 0f SIX (07-22-2015) - 0 Comments
    After reading about the 6-word book review I got all enthusiastic and started the s...
  • Arbor Of Flowers - Spring Reading (07-20-2017) - 0 Comments
    Springtime...new beginnings,new chapters,alternative endings Rosie-Anne Pinney, one of t...
  • Astronomy - Take me to the Sky (08-05-2018) - 0 Comments
    2009 is the YEAR OF ASTRONOMY, reason enough to make a display right-part-astronomythat shows planet Earth and the surrounding planets with plenty of books about astronomy, the universe, space/time travels and science fiction.
  • Baroque Christmas display (12-07-2010) - 0 Comments
    A baroque Christmas display with images from medieval paintings, silver stars and bright Christmas lights. All the materials have been used before and made from leftover wrapping paper, plastic bags and withdrawn books. A fantastic display that didn't cost the world. Actually it didn't cost anything only effort and time.
  • Best Beastly Books (07-22-2013) - 0 Comments
    A display that highlights fiction books about animals. With simple steps you can create a great display that doesn't cost the world but will attract immediate attention. Get the bunnies and rabbits out - or a lion - and start creating.
  • Bike Wise (10-03-2014) - 0 Comments
    This Bike Wise Week contains a bike, bike gear like helmet, pump and tires and dolls wearing cycling clothing.
  • Celluloid dreams - Films and Movies (05-03-2014) - 0 Comments
    To promote our collection of books about movies and films, special effects, animations an...
  • Challenge – Obstacle or opportunity? (12-07-2018) - 0 Comments
    A colorful display about Challenge. With this display I try to show that we all face borders, bars and fences at some stage of our life but it is our choice whether we see them as obstacles or opportunities.
  • China: vast and varied (07-19-2016) - 0 Comments
    To celebrate the Chinese culture I’ve made this display that is vibrant and inviting with its traditional Chinese fabric and bright red lanterns.
  • Christmas display (round tube) (12-01-2010) - 0 Comments
    This round tube Christmas display shows how to create a new Christmas decoration with cheap material or decorations from previous years
  • Christmas table decoration made with- no kidding - road cones (12-04-2010) - 0 Comments
    No, I didn't take them from the road! We have a fantastic maintenance team at our Coll...
  • Christmas Tree - paper cones (12-05-2010) - 0 Comments
    Dilys Braithwaite,Teacher Librarian at Saint Kentigern College Boys' School...
  • Christmas Tree / Angel made from old books (12-04-2010) - 0 Comments
     We Librarians cull a lot these days. Fiction and Nonfiction books have a shorter ...
  • Christmas tree in black and white (12-06-2010) - 0 Comments
    A fantastic Christmas display made from used materials. Not expensive or very difficult to make. Just follow the instructions and use your own materials and leftover wrapping paper or plastic bags. Have fun creating a treasure from trash. Add color and adorn the tree as much as you like. Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas Wreath (12-04-2010) - 0 Comments
    Christmas wreath. This wreath is made of plastic bags and a piece of hose. Sprayed with gold paint it makes an attractive Christmas decoration
  • Christmas Wreath from plastic bags (12-05-2010) - 0 Comments
    If you see it hanging on a door, you can't imagine that this wreath was made out of plast...
  • Conservation + Clean-Up Week (10-06-2012) - 0 Comments
    This display is about Conservation week and Clean Up week to show what we can do to help conservate our beautiful country and to get rid of the rubbish
  • Creating displays (10-08-2015) - 0 Comments
    Add drama Making a display is like telling a story. You can keep it simple or you can ad...
  • creativiTREE (12-23-2018) - 0 Comments
    You would think that a display about creativity would be the easiest thing to do. But ho...
  • Dance of the tigers - Drama and theatre (05-08-2019) - 0 Comments
    Theatre display with lush fabric curtains and tigers masks on striped organza as a stage. This display is a great for showcasing books on dance, theatre, opera, and lots of other performing arts. The site gives easy to follow descriptions on how to make this display and lots of photos to show you how to go about.....
  • Dance, Divas and Drama Queens (01-08-2015) - 0 Comments
    The red velvet curtains, dancing ballerinas and floating balloons give this display a cultural feeling. With just a couple of strips of fabric and crunched paper you can create these lush curtains. Easy to do, fantastic result.
  • Dinosaurs (09-19-2018) - 0 Comments
    October 2009 is Dinosaur Month. No need to say that a display with the large ancient animals who’s name means: ‘fearfully great lizard’ will rouse the fantasy and make one wonder how it must have been to live in a world with the flying Pterodactyl, the Brachyceratops or the Deinocheirus.
  • Dragons (10-03-2012) - 0 Comments
    Making a colourful display can be challenging but this dragon display shows that with little effort and simple materials everybody can make a colourful display
  • Encyclopedia table (09-18-2013) - 0 Comments
    Encyclopedia tables made of old encyclopedias. Great as laptop table or bookstand but also as nightstand or table in your living room. Have a look at the description and look at the photos to see how to do it. They are a great recycle project....
  • Exam preparation (04-29-2012) - 0 Comments
    A display with 3 colorful characters to attract attention for books on exam preparation and how to study. The heads of two women and a man are put on pedestals and given bright pink, black and blue haircuts. The light bulbs express the AHA moment.
  • Fallen stars - WWII in novels (10-09-2015) - 0 Comments
    A display about World War II, made with parts of letters written by people who suffered the nazi camps. This impressive display is made by using parts of descriptions and letters and stapling them to the board as background. Using yellow stars and stapling them as fallen leaves to the bottom of the board gives this display an extra dimension.
  • Flight of Fancy - Fairy display (08-04-2021) - 0 Comments
    This fairy display is a fantastic bright display that will raise your spirits. Colourful, happy and sparkling. With simple materials and good examples this webpage shows you exactly how to create a display that will attract the attention.
  • Floral art and flying beauties (10-26-2018) - 0 Comments
    Tulips, poppies and blossoming trees are the main ingredients for this display. It is a sunny, happy collection of colours and shapes and the splashing birds around the birdbath give this display a central focus point.
  • Flying beauties (06-03-2018) - 0 Comments
    Using the design and boxes from the previous Pandora display but now with butterflies instead of books this display is another ode to the Flying Beauties. Easy to make and very pleasant to look at.
  • General competitions and activities (01-27-2015) - 0 Comments
    Rubik's Cube Competition - This one is very popular so make sure you have enough cu...
  • Get your holiday reading here!!! (05-04-2017) - 0 Comments
    A very sunny, bright holiday display made by Melanie Muir of McLeans College. Details o...
  • GOOD and BAD (02-19-2017) - 0 Comments
    Angels, fallen angels and their battle over planet earth with magic tridents and wishing wants; it could be a story from a graphic novel, that’s why I’ve tried to make the white and black angels like graphic novel characters.
  • Green Fingers - Gardening Display (08-30-2017) - 0 Comments
    A great 'GREEN GARDENING' display about sustainable gardening, using driftwood from the beach, pruned trees and cheap items from the $dollar shops to create a green display that sparkles with joy. Get out the gloves and sun hat and start gardening.......
  • GuRLzZOne - pink display with glitter and glamour (04-07-2013) - 0 Comments
    A display catered especially for teenage girls. Pink hearts, glittery beads, butterflies lights and lots of good reading material. Easy to make and fantastic to look at. With clear descriptions what materials to use and lots of photos to show how to do it.
  • Hey, I’m alive… (08-24-2017) - 0 Comments
    Hey, I'm alive is the title of this library display. Good survival stories are exciting to read. Whether people survive a storm at sea in a damaged boat, a mountaineering experience or a plane crash , reading about their ups and downs makes the comfortable chair we’re sitting in even more enjoyable and a display will atract lots of attention.
  • History, Myths and Legends (10-03-2015) - 0 Comments
    Put pictures of Excalubar, Jason and a couple of legendary Maori chiefs on a display board and you can create a colourful display about myths and legends. Not to mention the possibilities Chinese, African and Aboriginal dreamtime stories offer. Get all your myths and legend book of the shelves and display them in front of some legendary figures. Success assured!!!
  • I'd Rather Be Travelling The World (04-11-2020) - 0 Comments
    The 'Reading around the world' display provides books from different countries. From Arabia to Zimbabwe, students have an easy pick when choosing a novel that gives insight into other cultures. The red/yellow umbrella's and flying girl emphasizes the unexpected ways we can travel. Colorful and creative!
  • Identity; what’s your true colour? (11-02-2018) - 0 Comments
    Creative library display with a huge puppet on a string and butterflies, caterpillars and bees on the left and right side of the board.
  • Illuminating New Zealand's Art and history (06-11-2020) - 0 Comments
    This is an adjusted version of the display: "Illuminating New Zealand's past. ...
  • Illuminating New Zealand's past (08-02-2017) - 0 Comments
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it" Woodrow Wilson ...
  • International Languages Week (08-21-2010) - 0 Comments
    An easy display that represents language, culture and heritage. Get that stuffed bull of the shelf, put the bottle of Menthe between the books and arrange the Spanish dress so that it swirls.
  • Maori Library Displays (09-01-2015) - 0 Comments
    He kai kei aku ringa There is food at the end of my hands (Said by a person who can use ...
  • Marine reserves (06-04-2019) - 0 Comments
    An inviting an vibrant display made by Melanie Muir of McLeans College in Howick. Detai...
  • Mathematics: Juggling the Numbers (04-18-2019) - 0 Comments
    We may not realise it but everything in life is full of mathematics. Shapes, forms and sounds. Nature, time and space. Music, art and games. This is a step by step guide how to make your own mathematics display.
  • Me and my aMAZEing animals (12-22-2018) - 0 Comments
    Humans and animals often have a special connection. Whether it is a guinea pig, a dog or o...
  • Olympic Games Display (08-20-2016) - 0 Comments
    Olympic Games London 2012 display. Easy to make, no expensive materials or difficult tricks. Use your own books or print a couple of posters and there you go.
  • Olympic Medal Winners (10-03-2016) - 0 Comments
    To show our pride and give attention to New Zealands winning olympians I created a medal winning board in the middle of the library. Often I saw students walking in front of the board watching the photos of their favorite athlete and enjoying the medal around their neck
  • Pandora's box (08-21-2017) - 0 Comments
    This colourful book display is easy to make. Lanterns, carton boxes and large straws create a mythical world with lots of space to display your books; in the boxes, on top of them and even diagonal they show off really well.
  • Peace Week (10-03-2013) - 0 Comments
    This Peace Week display is a creative way to involve students and staff in peace week. They can write a peace message on a leaf and hang it in the tree. Within a week the tree was full of fantastic wishes
  • Photo & Film Competitions (08-27-2015) - 0 Comments
    Photo Competitions:  Reading In Strange Places - Staff and/or students can submit photos...
  • Pirates (10-03-2013) - 0 Comments
    This Pirate display is easy to make. Colourful images of pirates, or sailingboats, parrots and pirateflags are attached to the display board emphasizing the pirate books on the display stand
  • Poetry activities and competitions (03-26-2015) - 0 Comments

    On this page you can find a range of activities to promote poetry like: Window To Poetry, Poetry In Motion and Book Spine Poetry Competition.

  • Poetry in motion (03-12-2015) - 0 Comments
    Poetry is a serious topic..... or not? Not at our place!!!    Poetry is fun, playful, ...
  • Poster surrounded by torn layers of paper (11-02-2014) - 0 Comments
    To make a statement even with the simplest of posters layer it with different colours pape...
  • Reach for the sky - 45-minute Display Workshop (09-25-2011) - 0 Comments
    Creating a display in three-quarters of an hour isn't easy. Luckily I had prepared a lot...
  • Reading Challenges and Competitions (08-08-2015) - 0 Comments
    To stimulate reading and make it a fun activity you can incorporate these activities into ...
  • Refugees - Every suitcase tells a story (04-20-2018) - 0 Comments
    Every suitcase tells a story’ is the theme for this display. hands - holding up hands - spread out hands greeting us, asking for help or as protection from violence or disaster- are the basis of this display. Bars – borders – wires – fences are all ways to keep refugees out or in. All refugees face obstacles and I use black netting to symbolize that.
  • SAM - a taped sculpture (07-29-2015) - 0 Comments
    This taped sculpture was made by 4 art students and displayed in the Library. Surrounded by books she lounges her days away. Mug in her hand and head resting against a box, covered in wrapping paper, a left over from a previous display.
  • Sea birds display (05-30-2017) - 0 Comments
    In this display the clear blue sky is filled with seagulls and others are lingering on the jetty poles in the foreground. The green sea grass accentuates the radiant colours. An easy to make and bright display.
  • Sea Life (07-30-2017) - 0 Comments
    With this Sea Life exhibition I try to reflect the beauty of our underwater world. The main attraction for citizens and tourists are the dolphins and whales. Especially the playful behaviour of the dolphins jumping out of the water makes us smile. Bottlenose boogie!!!
  • Spring Into A Book - Origami Spring Display (08-13-2020) - 0 Comments

    A fantastic spring display with origami flowers skilfully stapled to a dark brown paper tree. Pages from culled books have been used to craft the flowers.

  • Springtime Reading Under the Trees (08-01-2021) - 0 Comments
    Transformed from a Winter reading display into a Spring reading display with simple changes using material from previous displays. Easy to do, showing the simple steps needed to create a different atmosphere with the same basic display material. Flowers, leaves and a sunny bear is all it takes....
  • Student Librarian Activities /Rewards (01-09-2015) - 0 Comments

    You can find a lot of activities you can do with student librarians to reward them for their work. End of term is always a good time to have a shared lunch or cup cake competition.

  • Summer love, with books (03-31-2019) - 0 Comments
    A colourful display with sunbathing mermaids, seagulls, rocks and underwater life. The anemones, fish and reading mermaids make it a radiant display. An interesting detail in this display is the tin foil used to accentuate the wet tails of the mermaids and some parts of the rocks. A lovely summery display!
  • Time travel: From Moa to Mars (08-04-2018) - 0 Comments
    There are a lot of ‘hidden’ Time Travel novels in the library and with this display I try to bring them to the attention of our students. I explain step by step how to create this display and what materials you need.
  • Travel the World from your Lazy Chair (03-29-2020) - 0 Comments
        We all have our dreams; where to go when we win the lotto or what we’ll d...
  • Tree of knowledge (01-13-2012) - 0 Comments
    This display is about wisdom, truth, ethics, knowledge, mystery, THE UNIVERSE......with books representing those topics. To emphasize wisdom and to connect knowledge with religion, I cut a couple of apples and lots of snakes that know their way to the fruits of the earth.
  • Valentine's Day (04-11-2016) - 0 Comments
    Valentine display with pink hearts in different sizes, a bunch of flowers in a vase and some poetry books. Easy to make and simple to attach to windows or walls. Get the scissors out and in half an hour you can have your Valentine display ready.
  • Valentines Day - Love Seat (02-10-2014) - 0 Comments
    A bright easy to make Valentine display. With pink hearts, voile and love poems you can create an instant and quick display to celebrate Valentine Day. Cut pink hearts and staple them with the love poems to the board. Use silvery material to create a 3D effect and make it sparkle. The pink boa feathers add even more 'fluffiness' to the theme.
  • Whet your appetite! Cookbook Display (12-07-2016) - 0 Comments
    Whet your appetite! displays cook books in a colorful and stylish way. The aprons and the black and red color scheme give this display a playful but yet strong character.
  • Winning Is Everything! A 3D sporting display (08-30-2016) - 0 Comments
    A display to support the Rugby World Cup showcasing the All Blacks but it could be any t...
  • Winter reading (08-20-2017) - 0 Comments
    This display shows how easy it is to create a fantastic display with recycled materials. Converted from a summer display with lush green trees to a winter display with snowy trees and taxidermy animals, using materials that are easy to collect.
  • Xfactor - Biography books (06-10-2019) - 0 Comments
    Biography display with the Xfactor as common theme. What is it that makes some people so special? In this display we're exploring the characteristics that creates celebrities.
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